Local products

Corfu produces and manufactures several products that demonstrate how blessed the island is as well as the craftsmanship of Corfiots. Some of the local business date back decades add to the character and economy of the island.



Fogatsa is a type of brioche made in Corfu. It originates from the region of Venice and it is usually round shaped. An alternative fogatsa shaped into strand is titled kolompina and is made with the same ingredients and process though a red colored boiled egg is added to the upper part of the dough so that it’s easy to distinguish after baking. The kolompina additionally features a single colored feather (added after baking). It is usually prepared during the Easter period.



Smoked delicatessen made from pork, wine and spices. Served cut into wafer-thin slices.


Corfu beer - Corfu Microbrewery

The Corfu Microbrewery is one of the leading companies in the world. Produces only fresh, unfiltered and unpasteurised beer with a lifetime 45 days. It produces lager Pilsner "Ionian Gold" , the "Ionian Epos" beer a double-fermented beer flavored with honey buds with references to the Homeric epic and a lot of other beers. You will find it in selected stores and local supermarkets.


Corfu charcuterie

The Corfiot charcuterie produces, beyond the popular noumboulo, salami, sausages, smoked pork and smoked pancetta.



The "Spitsieriko" is a mixture of spices (cinnamon - cloves - nutmeg - spices - cumin) that only the family of Karmelia knows what the exact proportions of spices. The "Spetseriko"you will find it in traditional recipe of "Pastitsada".


Corfiot butter

The corfiot butter has a distinctive aroma and flavor. It is made by cow's milk. Nowadays only a small dairy produces the fresh and authentic Corfiot butter located in the center of the town, at Alexis dairy.



Citrus with a strong sour taste. It comes from China and it is estimated that the farming in Corfu began in the 18th century. Typically found in processed form as Sweet or Liquer.


Ginger beer

The ginger beer is a beverage based ginger particularly popular in Corfu. It contains ginger, lemon, water and sugar. The recipe requires the materials to be exposed to the sun for mature. It has a short shelf life and it is enjoyed especially in the summer.


Olive oil soap

Olive oil soap is soap from crude olive pomace oil. Made from natural raw materials without additional additives materials, suitable for the cleaning of skin or face. In Corfu since 1850 keeping the family tradition the Patounis Soap Factory for 150 years produces the green soap with the same traditional way keeping in this way the purity and quality of the soap.

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