Wifi Hotspots

Getting access to internet can be crucial in our days. As carriers charge such access over cellular networks, while in case of roaming charges are even worse, wifi-hotspots are a very good solution. The town of Corfu sports a litany of places offering such services. Remember though to 'consume' responsively as really 'getting away' on vacation means NO peeking at work emails and such spoil-sport activities. Relax, rejuvenate and really get away.

Please note that SSIDs, BSSIDs and access protocols may change according to the owners' will and thus the information presented herein is correct to the best of our knowledge/effort and up-to-date as of April 2016. When connecting to wifis you do not manage, ALWAYS use maximum caution to secure your connections and data!

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Notice: The businesses presented herein (accommodation, eating, going out, rent-a-car, car parking, WiFi hotspots and ΑΤΜs) have not been updated for 2020. Please confirm all these information beforehand!