It's true, when we started our effort we knew that we would have a gargantuous amount of work but actually doing it really exceeded our expectations. Nevertheless, our effort has been hugely supported by various colleagues, friends and members of our family.

This page is to say a big thank you.

Efi Grimani
Efi is a freelance photographer, based in Athens, with expertise on street & portrait photography. Feast your eyes on some of her exquisite work at

Andreas Kalantzis
Our friend and companion in hunting of epitaphs' photos (and not only). Kindly provided of all his personal related photos and videos.

Panos Pandis
Panos is a graduate of IT actively engaged in the development of multimedia applications and applications for mobile devices. In Corfiot Easter he worked in the android application development team.

Sofia Kitrinaki
Sofia is member of our family and offered us all her photos related to Easter in Corfu.

Petros Gasteratos
Formally member of the cwa team with a multitude of capabilities on everything programming and working full-time (and more) on the Corfiot Easter with emphasis on the development of the android application.

Stamatis Mexas
Formally member of the cwa team with super-powers on the way-too-many data we collected and indexed.

Dimitra Karydi
Dimitra Karydi is a permanent outsourced collaborator of cwa on legal matters.

Maria Doukaki
Friend, Corfiot living away from the island, social media & tech lover, she offered photographs from her personal collection.

Anna Gratsani
Anna has been with cwa since the very beginning of the company and apart from being responsible for public relations she also is in charge of the content of Corfiot Easter.

Panayotis Gratsanis
Panayotis is one of the founders of cwa and in this project he contributed numerous hours for data collection and organisation, photo shooting as well as a plethora of miscellaneous other tasks necessary for Corfiot Easter to come to life.

Ioannis Karydis
Ioannis is a co-founder & managing director of cwa and in Corfiot Easter he was mainly responsible for the web platform,

Images of and have additionally been utilised.