Easter Customs

Much has been written about Easter in Corfu. What makes it special to commemorate the island of Corfu is the enchanting traditions that surround the great celebration of Christianity.



Good Friday is a special day for Christianity and of great importance to the Corfiot tradition. The churches of Corfu start in the noon, at apporx. 14:00, the litany of epitaphs that end late at night. Philharmonics accompany most epitaphs playing sad, funeral marches, most notably the Adagio and Amleto. The city streets are flooded with people who follow with devoutness.


The representation of the Earthquake

The morning of the Holy Saturday the First Resurrection takes place at the church of Lady of Strangers. The uniqueness οf this liturgy is a representation of the earthquake. Knocking the pews and shake the entire temple.


First Resurrection

With the sounding of the First Resurrection potteries are fired from windows and balconies in the area of Liston. It is said that symbolizes the surprise felt by soldiers on hearing of the Resurrection of Christ.



In the neighborhood of Pinia, few meters away from Liston a large open barrel has been erected, the Mastela. Passers throw coins through making wishes. Right after the First Resurrection bells are heard, someone is running to dive through the Mastela.



The Tagmenoi are those committed to doing something. In this case it was a group of friends who were committed to follow the litanies of the icons of Resurrection. It all started as a joke between friends.

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