Good Friday is a special day for Christianity and of great importance to the Corfiot tradition. The churches of Corfu start in the noon, at apporx. 14:00, the litany of epitaphs that end late at night. Philharmonics accompany most epitaphs playing sad, funeral marches, most notably the Adagio and Amleto. The city streets are flooded with people who follow with devoutness.

Epitaph and litany of St. Spyridon

It is established as a tribute to the miracle of St. Spyridon in 1553, where in a period of great famine ships with wheat approached the island at time procession of the Epitaph of St. Spyridon. The story goes that the sailors dreamed of a monk who led them to Corfu in order to protect them from the weather and to sell their products. Philharmonic bands are participating to the litany.

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