Holy Week

Easter is the biggest celebration of Orthodox Christianity. During the Holy Week believers experience the greatness of the Lord, the divine martyrdom and finally the resurrection of the Lord. Corfiot tradition offers a striking peculiarity of the Easter celebration you shouldn't miss.


Lazarus Saturday

This day choirs from all over the island chant around the city center. At some point they gather at the Old Town Hall where they sing together carols for Lazarus.


Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is essentially the start of the Holy Week. This day Christians celebrate the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.


Holy Monday

Corfu is preparing for the Easter on Holy Monday. The traditional lanterns of town are dressed in purple color. Also, the Old Fortress Cross is illuminated with purple color. At Holy Monday do not miss the concert of the Philharmonic Society Mantzaros held annually.


Holy Tuesday

On Holy Tuesday the hymn of Kassianis is sung. The faithful will hear the hymn of repentance and forgiveness. In social program of the day, a Poetry / Musical Evening is organized at 21:00 at the Peristyle of the Palace (Museum of Asian Art) on "From Calvary to the Resurrection." It is organised by the Agency Corfiot Activities.


Holy Wednesday

On Holy Wednesday Holy Unction sounds. It is the day when Christ washes the feet of His disciples, at the Sequence of the Sink. The afternoon of Holy Wednesday the choir of Church Music Metropolis Saint Arsenius attends the Agion Panton Church and participates in Psalm Sequencing Basin at 19:00. A few hours later, at 21:00, Church Music concert is given by the Corfu Municipal Choir San Giacomo in the Municipal Theatre.


Maundy Thursday

Holy Thursday is the day of the 12 Gospels and the Last Supper. In the morning it is custom to dye eggs red in all homes. The eggs will be used after the Resurrection when people will hit them to wish for the Resurrection of Christ. The evening, after the service the epitaphs are embellished to be ready for the next day.


Good Friday

The most mournful day of Christianity, the Holy Passion, Crucifixion and the procession of the Epitaph. In Corfu, the Epitaphs are accompanied by the philharmonics. The highlight is that in Corfu the epitaphs passages begin at noon and end late at night. Sometime, between the evening of Good Friday and dawn of Holy Saturday, the scenery changes. The purple lights that adorn the city gather and the city is preparing for the big event of the Resurrection.


Holy Saturday

The morning of Holy Saturday the representation of the earthquake takes place in Panagia of Kseni, at 6:00 in the morning: the atmosphere is solemn and the church usually overflows with believers. The procession of St. Spyridon and the Procession of the Epitaph start at 9:00 and after the First Resurrection at 11:00, respectively. By listening to the First Resurrection Liston based Corfiots through clay amphorae (botides) of the windows to the streets. The custom is particularly striking.
The evening of...


Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday, there is a procession of the image of Resurrection. The tradition implies that Corfiots eat traditional tsilichourda on Easter Sunday, although this custom is not observed in nowadays. The famous lamb was eaten on the second day of Easter. On Easter Sunday the island's countryside is the best place to enjoy festivities.

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